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What can we contribute

We define ourselves as an enterprise managing different specialities within construction. Our main strength is the advanced engineering capacity and our internal technical department which advises the client throughout the project development in order to:

Define the technical solution of the envelope

Calculate the lightweight structure and optimize the project

Optimize the energy consumption of the façade and the building

Execute with quality and guarantee different items of the work

Carry out a real estate development project in the non-residential sector


Together with the architects we accompany our clients during the process of defining the building, design of constructive solution, choice of materials, calculation of energy balances, eco-variants options and so on. We have a multidisciplinary technical team to provide solutions, develop structures and envelopes- unique, or even experimental, as well as standardised ones.

Metallic structures

Acieroid was created as a company specialised in metal envelopes. So that, we have within our team specialists for calculus, design and optimisation of metal structures .

Construction and Rehabilitation

In Acieroid we carry out turnkey projects within non-residential sector. We have wide experience in industrial envelopes, cladding refurbishment, energy and integral buildings renewal for residential, tertiary, commercial and industrial sector.

Operations and maintenance

We perform analysis, repair and maintenance of claddings for any kind of buildings. We intervene in case of deficiencies in waterproofing or danger to the stability of roofs and facades. We offer services of preventive and corrective maintenance for claddings.